Celebrating your marriage from engagement to “I do." and beyond...

First Things First,
We Love to Celebrate!  

Let’s be honest, the wedding planning process can be long and incredibly overwhelming. Here at Ella & Ro Events, we aspire to simplify the process for you to make sure it is a celebration rather than a burden!

We take care of every intentional detail, so you can feel confident that at the end of the day this is YOUR dream day. We thrive on coming alongside you to inspire, encourage, and serve you in this new season.

Ready to actually enjoy your engagement?

Let's go!

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You’ve found yourself a venue and a caterer, you’ve sent out your invites and RSVPs like the strong independent woman you are. Now it’s time to pass the baton, ENJOY your day, and let us bring your hard work to life. You’ve earned it love.

You have ideas but you’re just unsure of how to get from point “engaged” to point “dream wedding”. Think of us as your sounding board - that friend you call when you need advice or reassurance! We will help get you on your feet and point you in the right direction throughout the planning process. 

You want the picture perfect wedding but spending hours online to hunt down vendors, narrow down your color scheme, and juggle multiple peoples schedules is just not in your wheelhouse right now… WE GOT YOU. We cover all aspects of your wedding planning journey from A-Z so that you can enjoy your engagement from day one. So kick your feet up, pop the bubbly, and get ready to celebrate the best. day. ever!

Day of Coordinating

Partial Planning

Full Planning

love notes


"Our wedding experience was amazing. Tori and Ana's guidance and planning throughout the process was second to none. Our wedding day was a complete success thanks to them. If you are on the fence about hiring Ella & Ro, do it. If we had to do it again, we would have only hired them sooner!"
- Matt + Marissa

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"Ana and Tori communicate well with each other and any sort of road bumps that come they handle without you even noticing them. Before the wedding we didn’t really think about how much work a set up would take and other miscellaneous things. They asked all the right questions and really took charge to make the perfect day. Literally the best experience ever."
- Clint + Claudia

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"Every detail was taken care of . . . even ones I hadn't thought of! Ella and Ro events helped relieve any stress with their confidence and their follow through with every aspect of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. AND every time a "crisis" arose they were there with whatever was needed."
- Patty

love notes


"Tori and Ana went above and beyond to make sure all of our needs were met and decorated our wedding so beautifully. They genuinely care and want to make whatever you are dreaming come true. Let's put it this way, we would get married all over again just to experience another event coordinated by Ella and Ro events!"
- Will + Dani

It’s not JUST about the wedding, it’s about the promise. 

As fun as it is to dream about a picture perfect wedding, we also want to celebrate the heart of the relationship by supporting you through your engagement and encouraging you to create a solid foundation for your marriage to flourish.

We have put together a list of things that have been valuable and useful for us that we think will help you celebrate your marriage now.


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